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Must there be a Creator just because energy and matter exist? I don’t believe that. The thought that something could arise from nothing is – for our brains – an impossible thought. ”Nothing” itself is an impossible thought. Like ”eternity” and ”infinite”, also impossible thoughts. So, our brains can’t comprehend many things, but that does… Read More »


Today we have two ”worlds” we know about; our common reality and the quantum mechanical world, I like to call it Cosmos and Quantumos in this post. Quantumos can be the name for the sub-atomic world. Is Quantumos a part of Cosmos and then the separate naming is wrong or pointless? Well, that’s just semantics… Read More »


Compatibilism is a paradox for me, because I can’t fit in Free Will in a deterministic Universe. I can’t fit in ”a little” Free Will in the equation, that a specific part in Universe would be separated from the Laws of Nature and have room for Free Will. Either there IS Free Will all over… Read More »

The Phenotopian Canon. (#1 draft)

The Phenotopian Canon. (#1 draft) (for Phenotopians – followers of the Phenotopian ”faith” – don’t take it to serious :-) Even though many Homo Sapiens individuals are reclusive, operate best autonomous and are happiest (or least depressed) in solitude, a wast majority of this species are social and collective creatures. Many prefer to more or… Read More »


Urbanisation can be slow and organic – like it was the first millenniums of civilisation – or it can be fast and chaotic like in many development countries (or e.g. New York 100-150 years ago). Even in the rich part of the world the urbanisation is today very fast – and though it’s planned and… Read More »

Artificial intelligence.

So, we humans – biological robots – will create self reproducing mineral robots and ultimately it will all end in tech singularity. Maybe biological intelligens was just the first step in evolution and the next step is tech evolution and biological life will be eradicated from this planet, or just a colony for AI’s needs.… Read More »

Religions and track records of evil.

ALL religions can’t be EXACTLY equally harmful ALL the time. It’s impossible. Christianity was the major global malicious force and death-bringer from the crusades all the way to modern times. Today it may be Islam. Radical islamist bloodshed is still just a drop in the sea of blood made by Christianity through history, but today… Read More »

Quantum Physics.

For a while – some years ago – I had a short period when Quantum Physics gave me hope that there is Free Will. But it was just an emotional thing – I was still deeply in love with Free Will and I could not accept a divorce yet. Causality made me keep my illusion… Read More »

Humanism, atheism and religion.

Humanism is the atheistic result of the enlightenment hundreds of years ago. It was a philosophy invented to keep moral systems even if you didn’t believe in gods and religion dogma, and today a big part of mankind populating on this planet call themselves humanists. But humanism also embrace the illusion of Free Will, so… Read More »

Science Fiction Synopsis – Part 1

  The year is 2314. The Elite have the algorithm and computer power to calculate the causality past to know the future. Others want this information and technology for different reasons. Some want to delete it from the face of the earth. Most do not understand it at all or just ignore it while living… Read More »