By | April 16, 2017

Today we have two ”worlds” we know about; our common reality and the quantum mechanical world, I like to call it Cosmos and Quantumos in this post. Quantumos can be the name for the sub-atomic world. Is Quantumos a part of Cosmos and then the separate naming is wrong or pointless? Well, that’s just semantics and I just invented the word Quantumos for convenience.

Cosmos is the world we live in and the world our consciousness can handle and understand pretty well. We know quite a lot of the physics in this world, from Big Bang to DNA. It’s the world we live in, the world our brains interact with. We are cognitive prisoners in this world and if we can understand anything beyond this world is an open question. I doubt it. Maybe we can at least have a peak into the other world, maybe some emotional sensation from it. But understand Quantumos? Maybe never. But as long as Homo Sapiens walk around we will try too figure it out.

Quantumos is another world. Our laws in our Cosmos do not apply in Quantumos. It’s a strange place – a quantum mechanical place – where nothing is certain and where two things can be at the same place at the same time. A place where even the concepts of ”things”, ”place” and ”time” not really work. It’s a world where probabilities seems to be king. And every time we try to look at this world, it seems to change behaviour because we look at it. Our conceptions and logic doesn’t seem to apply. It’s like our symbols, language and imagination doesn’t fit this world at all. Like our brains neurological structure can’t handle the information we receive. It’s like trying to explain the colours to a blind person.
The only language that can at least sketch out some of the strange things in this world is mathematics. But we still don’t understand the diffuse sketch. We even use some of this mathematics in practical activities – we apply some of the strange behaviour in this world for applications in our own world – but we still don’t understand what we see. We have this strange sketch, but we don’t know what it is.

I can imagine that the Quantumos may be the ”real” world and that our homely Cosmos is just something generated by Quantumos. Cosmos may be a bi-product of Quantumos, maybe a ”projection” amongst many ”projections” from Quantumos. Or maybe one of many probabilities that Quantumos can produce in our brain. Or maybe it’s all there but the representation that Quantumos reveal in our brains is what we experience as Cosmos?
Let’s say that Quantumos is the ”generator” with laws we have no understanding of, and this generator – maybe in one application of many – creates or have a ”state” where we are and we call our place for Cosmos.
Quantumos can be the ”source” with any possibility; EVERYTHING can BE. Either there is NOTHING (is that possible?) or anything can BE. Maybe Quantumos ”vibrates” in super high frequency and generates zillions of possibilities every nano second (as WE regard time). And ONE of those states are our Cosmos. Now. Here.
And maybe everything happens all the time everywhere. Our Cosmos is just a collection of states and what we call materia/energy – inclusive ourself of course – is just states that jumps in and out of ”existence” (for US) so fast that we only experience a flow. Like sound waves can be experienced as a seamless tone.

Well, the analogies can go on and on and I have no clue how crazy or sound they are, that’s the point; quantum mechanics is open for almost any interpretation a primate brain can produce. It’s all just language, symbols and concepts that my brain can handle. I’m just trying the perspective that the sub-atomic world – the strange place of Quantum Mechanics – maybe the well that creates the Universe(s), not the small dimension OF our known Universe. Like the projector creates the picture on the wall, the projector is not a part of the picture (or is it?). On the other hand; the projector and the picture on the wall may be in a room and that room is Quantum Mechanics…analogy again…have to stop now…