Religions and track records of evil.

By | September 9, 2016


ALL religions can’t be EXACTLY equally harmful ALL the time. It’s impossible. Christianity was the major global malicious force and death-bringer from the crusades all the way to modern times. Today it may be Islam.

Radical islamist bloodshed is still just a drop in the sea of blood made by Christianity through history, but today it seems like Islam is the source behind a lot of violence and oppression…even though it’s a breeze compered to all secular state violence and oppression around the globe – historically speaking.

Pure greed, rasism, nationalism, fascism and communism is still kings in the history of evil. Well, of course secular state violence is often backed up by religion, but I’m talking about religion as a main source and motive behind evil actions.

I claim that Islam – more exact it’s evil minority forces – is a tea party compered to what a white supremacy movement called The Third Reich did not so long ago. In a european christian nation – regarded as one of the ”high cultural” and most civilized nations on the planet – a horrendous industrial mega-plan was effectively executed, a gigantic extermination program on a continental scale. Mankind had never seen anything like it before and the human race have to try to explain what happened for the rest of history. For me there is PRE and POST The Holocaust regarding the history of Homo Sapiens.

Today it seems like Islam is behind a lot of pain around the globe. It will shift again. Maybe hinduism will be the next global death-bringer? Maybe not. The Bible and the Qur’an is – beneath some lines of beautiful wisdom – uniquely sinister. Those books have so much dark evil and inhuman ethics that they stand out amongst other religious books. It’s two rich sources if you want to hurt and oppress humans (and other animals).

Luckily most religious people who base their life and ethics on those dark books have done severe editing and cut away the most evil parts and they keep closer to the descent stuff, the good and fruitful passages. Most organisations around those books have also moderated the insane brutality and injustices in the texts, they have from the power center of those organisations cleaned up the dogma so to say.
The amount of rationalization and the obvious imbecile logics behind all this editing – and the extremely far fetched interpretations – may be amusing for people of reason, but we all should be thankful for those reformations and processes in religions. It clearly shows that they actually don’t believe that the words in those books are sacred, that they just freely chose some paragraphs and ignore other passages, even though it’s all supposed to be the “words of God”. But…their lack of faith is good for the human race…well, it’s good for all living things. Every time religion has backed on an issue, the world has been a better place to live in. The world has been more good.

”Extremists” are the people who actually regards the words in those books as divine truths and that those words and ethics have to be executed on OTHER humans.
”Extremists” are the faithful, maybe the only ones that really believe in God. Maybe all others – the reformed and ”moderated” – are not really religious at all…they may just be in it for cultural and social reasons. I actually believe that the elite in the Vatican (often highly educated people) – for example – are not religious at all. Of course they don’t believe the crazy stories in the Bible; Genesis, miracles, virgin birth, burning bushes, walking on water, etc. I think that most of them – the Pope and cardinals for example – are not religious at all. In secret they are all agnostics like most ”religious” people on this planet. The same goes for the ruling elite in many muslim nations; they are not religious at all. It’s just a political tool and a socio-culture.

But…I don’t care about that (though it’s fascinating…this huge global lie…this game…the gigantic charade). I care about ACTIONS – what people DO – DEEDS. And the really religious ones – the ones we call ”extremists” – are often hurting people. That’s the ones I’m talking about, that’s the ones doing harm with laws or with TNT. Some kill doctors at abortion clinics, some blow up airplanes, some write laws that oppress Human Rights, write laws about individual choices that no laws should ever be written about, things that is PRIVATE (and not hurting third party). They hang people or policing peoples rights over their own bodies and minds. Christians have done it for almost two thousand years, today muslims are – in some places – more active in this kind of evil actions. That’s my opinion. And remember; historically Islam rule has often been more open minded and accepting than christian rule – at least concerning other religions – and there has never been any rasism involved. This ”radicalization” and evil rise in some Islam movements is a late thing. Many muslim nations where quite descent and secular 20-30 years ago. Yesterday I would say.

Some say: ”It’s not REAL christians or REAL muslims who do the evil things”. I say: Yes it is. They themselves state that they are christians or muslims and they follow the will from their god. And most atrocities are backed up in their ”holy” books. They ARE truly religious and their acts ARE truly religious acts. Just because you – a reformed christian or muslim – have abandoned evil stuff in your religion does NOT make the ”extremists” less ”true christians” or ”true muslims”. It may be the other way: THEY are the true christians and true muslims. Maybe all you other ”believers” – moderates – are just agnostics? Maybe you are all just in it for the culture, liturgy (show/entertainment) and social structure, the lifestyle, contacts, traditions, career, money, identity, marriage, hobby…

So, I’m not talking about all you agnostics, I’m talking about true believers, the ”extremists”, and right now I believe that there is more violence and other kind of harm to innocent individuals, made by muslims and not by christians. And if 100 percent of all muslims where white middle class I would state exactly the same thing.

I really wish there where no visible differens between ”ethnic groups” of Homo Sapiens, then we could have a reasonable discussion about RELIGION without the stupid and confused ”liberal” sidetrack about ”racism” every time we talk about Islam.
If I despise and/or criticize Traditionalist Catholicism, no one accuse me of racism. For me all this talk about racism when criticizing muslims is…well, it feels like some kind of inverted racism. Many ”liberals” are so twisted about this and their hyper sensitivity in this matter is for me a sign of hidden racism. They can’t treat all humans the same. They can’t just see an individual, they see a collective (a herd) when we talk about muslims, but they see individuals when we talk about christians. I prefer the same rules for EVERYONE. And it’s ALL about INDIVIDUALS. It’s ALWAYS about individuals. There is NOTHING but individuals. That’s respect.
And some individuals – alone or in a group – read an evil book and do evil stuff described in that book. Today it seems that muslim individuals are doing more evil stuff than christian individuals. I may be wrong, but that’s all I’m saying. I don’t care about the color of the skin on those muslims. It’s NOT relevant and all intelligent people should understand this.

And…we are not talking about a tiny oppressed minority religion when we talk about Islam. We are talking about the second largest world religion with 1.7 billion followers. Steadily growing. Soon it surpasses Christianity. Islam does not – not more than Christianity – need all this intellectual protection from nervous ”liberals”. Islam is a world power and of course we can criticize it. All world power forces should be thoroughly and stubbornly scrutinized 24/7.

Finally: To avoid criticism of Islam because it makes peaceful muslims suddenly become suicide bombers; that’s also an example of inverted ”racism”. What kind of view on 1,7 billion muslims does that conclusion reveal? It’s not a human way of looking at your fellow men, to regard ”the others” as potential murderers if they get provoked by words.
I don’t expect descent christians to suddenly radicalise and try to kill me because of this text, and I don’t expect descent muslims to do that either.

Fight religious evil – not thoughts about religious evil.