Objective Moral.

There is a debate about if morals can be scientifically proven, are biological (bottom-up), or if morals are just subjective and based on culture (e.g. religious dogma or UN Human Rights, top-down). The debate is often strangely complex and extended. For me it is not complex at all; of course morals, like all emotions animals… Read More »

The Multimodal User Interface.

Regarding theories by Donald D. Hoffman and others. It is absolutely plausible that fitness trumps truth (or objective reality, whatever that is) in biological evolution. But I do not believe that consciousness is fundamental. I believe that consciousness is something that emerge in some biological information processing clusters, brains for example, and it is a… Read More »


”Nationalism” is yet another of many words that have lost its original meaning in our cultural discourse, especially in media and social media. It has been distorted like e.g. ”socialism”, ”anarchism” and ”liberal”. Most nations were created by, and exists because of, nationalism. USA became a nation by revolution, like many nations. In Europe and… Read More »

Evolutionary biology #1

For me evolutionary biology is one of many chemical results of energy and information redistributions on particle level since the Big Bang. Evolutionary biology is the study of one specific line of causality on a specific planet and the chemistry and replicator in this case is DNA. If you think of physics as particles bouncing… Read More »

Unnecessary Suffering.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to recognise that life is mostly a road of suffering and pain in various degrees. Even though you are a lucky one born with a brain and neuro-chemistry that produce a mostly happy consciousness, the notion that you are going to die and everyone you love are going… Read More »

Free Will – macro and micro.

Often when people try to explain that there is no Free Will, that there CAN’T BE any Free Will in the physical Universe as we know it, they describe events in our daily life; the choosing between vanilla and chocolate ice cream, turning left or right, moving a finger, etc. For me this is like… Read More »

Consciousness #1

For me there is no reason to expect a creator just because we can wonder and ask if there is a creator. I find no reason why there should be a ”divine” or ”main” consciousness just because bio-systems on this planet – e.g. Homo Sapiens and other animals – have evolutionary developed a brain that… Read More »


I regard our familiar consciousness as just one of many possible ”reality” manifestations that a human brain can produce. I believe there is potentially many, many other forms of consciousness and what we regard as a normal consciousness is just a result of the brains wast job of regulating our inner neurochemical processes, and our… Read More »


Must there be a Creator just because energy and matter exist? I don’t believe that. The thought that something could arise from nothing is – for our brains – an impossible thought. ”Nothing” itself is an impossible thought. Like ”eternity” and ”infinite”, also impossible thoughts. So, our brains can’t comprehend many things, but that does… Read More »


Today we have two ”worlds” we know about; our common reality and the quantum mechanical world, I like to call it Cosmos and Quantumos in this post. Quantumos can be the name for the sub-atomic world. Is Quantumos a part of Cosmos and then the separate naming is wrong or pointless? Well, that’s just semantics… Read More »